Learn more about us and how this Digital Agency was formed!


August — 2019 

Our Humble Beginnings 

In the Winter Months of 2019, I was dealing with a major problem when trying to help setup a website for my Father. I struggled to find someone I could trust to build a website for our needs, however everyone was just trying to squeeze money out our pockets and I wasn’t happy!

November — 2019

Planning Forward

After sleeping on the idea, I thought to myself about why no one is providing affordable Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, or SEO services, especially for small businesses. The prices that most digital agencies quote are too expensive for a small business owner, especially for someone that is trying to start from scratch. So I set out to create an ultimate Digital Agency in my home town, beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. I wanted to provide local businesses with an easy solution when trying to create a digital presence for their business.

December — 2019

Why the name “Lucid Media”?

Lucid means “expressed clearly; easy to understand”, hence we think Lucid describes exactly the way we offer our customers with easy & efficient solutions in helping them go digital. That is why Lucid Media is the perfect name to describe us as an organisation.

April — 2020

Transition to Full Service

With the success of the launching Lucid Media in New Zealand, we have expanded our services, hence providing our customers with more solutions. We’ve started to offer customers custom coded website solutions that are developed from scratch by one of our specialist developers! We have also started offering more comprehensive Digital Marketing & advanced SEO services to help increase traffic and optimise engagement. As we continue to grow we keep on innovating and providing our customers with even greater services!


“Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional” – John C. Maxwell

Ensuring your business is getting the traffic it requires if one of the most crucial parts of having a successful business. Our team is devoted to learning and providing our clients with the latest technology to help boost traffic and increase revenue!

Analyse & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Lucid Media offers three main services. Web Development, Digital Marketing and SEO. All of three of these services work hand-in-hand in ensuring your business is reaching it’s customers through Digital Marketing and SEO, then providing them with an exceptional experience through our elegantly designed, personalised and eccentric websites. By offering your customers an easy way to shop online and purchase your goods your business will experience exponential growth.

What We Do

If you are interested in scaling up your business, read more about the services we offer! 

Web Development

We offer web design & development on many different platforms. We can provide our clients with solutions no matter their requirements.

Digital Marketing

We offer digital marketing solutions. We can provide our clients with solutions based on their needs. We do Digital Marketing using platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer SEO solutions to boost organic traffic for your website through various search engine results. We have multiple different packages available for our clients.


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