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About the Project

Vape Vault, a leading vape product retailer, approached us with a need to revamp their website and enhance their online presence. Their previous website could have effectively showcased their brand and products, and they encountered frequent issues with their e-commerce functionality, leading to a subpar shopping experience for their customers.

About the Project Our main objective was to redesign Vape Vault’s website to:

  • Showcase their extensive product range in the best possible way
  • Improve the e-commerce functionality and user experience, and optimise the website for search engines to increase visibility and trafficOptimisee the website for search engines to increase visibility and traffic.
  • Optimise the website for search engines to increase visibility and traffic
  • Implement customer-centric features like loyalty points to enhance engagement
  • Provide a seamless and intuitive shopping experience to boost conversion rates

We collaborated closely with the Vape Vault team to understand their unique brand identity, target audience, and business goals to create a website that effectively met their needs and expectations.

The Problem

Before partnering with us, Vape Vault faced several challenges:


Inadequate representation of their brand and products on the website


Frequent issues with e-commerce functionality, hindering the shopping experience


Difficulty for customers to find desired products quickly and efficiently


Lack of customer-centric features to foster loyalty and repeat purchases


Limited search engine visibility, resulting in missed opportunities for organic traffic

These issues prevented Vape Vault from providing a seamless and engaging online shopping experience, impacting their conversion rates and overall business growth.


To address Vape Vault’s challenges, we:

  • Developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website design that effectively showcases their brand and productOptimiseded the e-commerce functionality to ensure smooth and error-free transactionsOptimisedd the e-commerce functionality to ensure smooth and error-free transactions
  • Optimised the e-commerce functionality to ensure smooth and error-free transactions
  • Implemented intuitive navigation and search features to help customers find products quickly
  • Integrated customer-centric features like loyalty points and rewards to encourage repeat purchases
  • Conducted thorough SEoptimisationon to improve search engine rankings and drive targeted organic traffic

The new website serves as a powerful platform for Vape Vault to showcase their products, engage customers, and drive business growth.

Project Highlights

Brand Showcase

Designed a visually striking website that effectively represents Vape Vault’s brand identity and values, creating a strong online presence.


Streamlined the e-commerce functionality to provide a seamless and error-free shopping experience, boosting customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

User-Friendly Navigation

Implemented intuitive navigation and search features, enabling customers to find desired products quickly and efficiently.

Customer-Centric Features

Integrated loyalty points, rewards, and other customer-centric features to foster engagement, loyalty, and repeat purchases.


Conducted thorough SEO to improve search engine rankings, driving targeted organic traffic to specific product pages.


Since launching their new website, Vape Vault has achieved remarkable results:

  • Increased traffic and improved search engine rankings, particularly for specific products offered exclusively by Vape Vault
  • Higher conversion rates and increased revenue, driven by a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience
  • Positive user feedback praising the website’s design, functionality, and customer-centric features
  • Longer engagement times and increased customer loyalty, fostered by the implementation of loyalty points and rewards
  • Enhanced brand reputation and online presence, setting Vape Vault apart from competitors in the vape product market

By partnering with Lucid Media, Vape Vault has established a strong online presence that effectively showcases their products, engages customers, and drives sustainable business growth.

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