Lucid Media offers many digital solutions, we design and develop websites using many different platforms, we market your brand using social media, we optimise websites to rank greater on search engines and much more. We can provide our clients with solutions no matter what their requirements are. Contact us to get an personalised quote for any situation!

Target All The Right Customers

“Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional” – John C. Maxwell

Ensuring your business is getting the traffic it requires if one of the most crucial parts of having a successful business. Our team is devoted to learning and providing our clients with the latest technology to help boost traffic and increase revenue!

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Lucid Media offers three main services. Web Development, Digital Marketing and SEO. All of three of these services work hand-in-hand in ensuring your business is reaching it’s customers through Digital Marketing and SEO, then providing them with an exceptional experience through our elegantly designed, personalised and eccentric websites. By offering your customers an easy way to shop online and purchase your goods your business will experience exponential growth.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Lucid Media offers digital marketing solutions, this includes a range of solutions from creating a marketing strategy for your Social Media accounts, to managing the Social Media accounts and even creating engaging content to further increase the amount of traffic your business is receiving.

We support both Facebook & Instagram, as we use the social networks in unison, to help promote your business and get it in front of your target audience. As Instagram and Facebook can be used together to do paid promotions, we can take advantage of this feature and further help your business reach the customers that require your goods and services. Every business needs a way to reach its customers, Digital Marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods available in the 21st Century.

Setting Up A Digital Business Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Website Development

Our web development team can cater for all your web development needs. We cover all platforms and design websites for many uses such as E-Commerce, Blogging, Portfolio Showcasing and much more!

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Lucid media can help your business ride the digital wave. We can help you connect with your consumers online! With the large jump in the number of people accessing websites to answer their needs, having a website is crucial for any business’ success. We can help prepare you a seamless website. After all, the ultimate goal for web development is to drive results for your business. Web development includes everything from site-building. Lucid Media is committed to producing quality websites for small, medium and large-sized businesses, We have with skilled web developers delivering digital solutions to both New Zealand and global businesses!

Social Media Management

Our social media management team consists of hardworking and dedicated individuals that will manage, optimise and work towards improving your brand’s image on any social media platform!

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In today’s day and age Digital marketing isn’t optional, if you want to connect with your customer base, it’s fundamental. Our team will help simplify the process of social media marketing on all the constantly evolving digital channels and tactics. We’ll guide you to set up an efficient system that will provide you with real results and grow your business to the level you wish!

Audience Analytics

It is crucial for a business to know who their audience is so our marketing team will analyse and generate data from doing active testing on different platforms to see what individuals are interested in your brand!

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Our marketing team is able to assist with analyzing audiences and identifying what behaviour your target market has. This is one of the fundamental steps of establishing your business digitally! Knowing who your target audience is and how you can get them to share and engage with your content online is one of the best ways to grow and expand your business. 

Search Engine Optimization

With the latest optimisation software and strategies, we are able to analyse, design and preform search engine optimisation for any website. We can optimise your website to ensure you’re reaching your target audience!

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At Lucid Media, we are working towards discovering new and innovative ways to improve our client’s ranking on search engines. Ensuring your website is on the front page of Google and other search engines is crucial to ensure your customers find you! Our web development works with many different clients whose websites are designed different kinds of niches, so we have experience working with them to ensure their website is optimised for all search engines.

Email Marketing

Our marketing team specialises in helping our clients develop their very own newsletter system where they can keep loyal customers up to date with the latest news and offers!

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Our marketing team works very closely with our clients to implement an efficient system that allows them to collect, manage and communicate with their loyal customers. Our systems ensure our clients are able to consistently grow their loyal customer base by collecting more emails and providing crucial information to their newsletter subscribers. Email marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to target customers that are interested in your products or services, thus providing a great platform to generate sales.

Brand Design & Strategy

We work with many businesses to help them establish their brand’s presence digitally. We also provide guidance so they can maximise their growth through the digital solutions we create for them!

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We love helping brands set up their business online, and ensuring you have a unique brand that is able to stand out from its competition. We also work closely with the executive to plan and put in place strategies that will get the brand noticed, and start converting potential customers into loyal customers.

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