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About the Project

Clean Windows, a leading window cleaning service provider in New Plymouth, Taranaki, approached us with a need to establish a strong online presence and generate leads for their business. They wanted a website that would showcase their services, rank well in local search results, and help them attract new customers in the area.

About the Project Our main objective was to design a website for Clean Windows that would:

  • Showcase their window cleaning services and expertise
  • Optimise the website for local search engines to increase visibility and organic traffic
  • Generate leads and inquiries from potential customers in New Plymouth and the surrounding areas
  • Provide a user-friendly experience for visitors to learn about their services and get in touch easily

We collaborated closely with the Clean Windows team to understand their target audience, unique selling points, and business goals to create a website that effectively addressed their needs and objectives.

The Problem

Before partnering with us, Clean Windows faced several challenges:


Lack of online presence, making it difficult for potential customers to find and learn about their services


Limited visibility in local search results, resulting in missed opportunities to attract new customers


No platform to effectively showcase their window cleaning expertise and services


Difficulty in generating leads and inquiries from potential customers in the New Plymouth area

These issues hindered Clean Windows’ ability to reach its target audience, showcase its services, and grow its customer base in the local market.


To address Clean Windows’ challenges, we:

  • Developed a professional and user-friendly website design that highlights their window cleaning services
  • Implemented local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to improve the website’s ranking for relevant keywords in the New Plymouth area
  • Created compelling content that showcases their expertise and emphasises their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Incorporated clear calls-to-action and contact forms throughout the website to encourage lead generation and inquiries

The new website is a powerful tool for Clean Windows to attract local customers, showcase their services, and generate leads for their business.

Project Highlights

Local SEO Optimisation

Implemented targeted local SEO strategies, resulting in consistent top 3 rankings for keywords related to window cleaning in the New Plymouth area.

Service Showcase

Developed dedicated service pages highlighting Clean Windows’ window cleaning expertise and emphasising their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Lead Generation

Incorporated clear calls-to-action and strategically placed contact forms throughout the website to encourage potential customers to get in touch and request services.

User-Friendly Design

Created a clean and intuitive website design that provides a seamless user experience, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need and take action.


Since launching their new website, Clean Windows has achieved remarkable results:

  • Consistent top 3 rankings in local search results for keywords related to window cleaning in the New Plymouth area
  • Increased organic traffic and improved visibility among potential customers in the local market
  • Higher lead generation and inquiries from the website’s contact forms and calls to action
  • Enhanced brand credibility and professionalism, with the website effectively showcasing their expertise and services

By partnering with us, Clean Windows has established a solid online presence that effectively attracts local customers, generates leads, and supports their business growth in the New Plymouth and Taranaki region.

I got Lucid Media to create a Website for my window cleaning business. Jasons quick communication was awesome. Easy to work along side with and we are looking forward to continuing service from him.

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