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What is Google Search Console and Why It is Important for SEO

Does “Google Webmaster Tools” ring a bell? If yes, you would already know what Google Search Console is. In May 2015, Google decided to change the name of Google Webmaster Tools to Search Console. The reason for this was that the tool became popular not only amongst webmasters but almost all industries.

This included web designers, marketing professionals, SEO, application developers, business owners and many more. To include all the diverse users, they changed the name.

What is Google Search Console?

It is a service that allows website owners to know how well or bad their website/app is performing. It is free of cost and you don’t need to pay anything for it. Not only does it allow you to know about the website but also the visitors who are coming to the website and checking it. With the help of it, you can know a lot of the following parameters:

  • How many users are visiting your website?
  • How satisfied are they with your website?
  • What type of traffic is coming to your website?
  • Which form of the interface are they using more? Are they using mobile phones? Or are they visiting your website more on a desktop, laptop or tablet?
  • Which pages or which content gets the most visits?
  • Which keywords are getting the maximum hits?
  • Which are your high conversion keywords? Etc

An important point to notice here is that Google Search Console does not directly help you rank better or anything. What it does is provide critical information that helps you increase your ranking by improving in different categories. Through the software, Google can also send you messages regarding your website. You can get to know where your website stands and that helps you improve.

4 Reasons Why Google Search Console is Important

  1. Track Your Progress

There is an option of content keywords reports in the console. From here, you can know the keywords that Google’s bots pick up the most. This allows website owners to realize if Google perceives their content as they want it to be seen. If what you are targeting and what Google thinks you are doing is different, you need to work on it.

Every website owner has their own list of keywords. These are the words they think best describe their content and what readers want from them. If both are the same, you are going good. If not, you need to assess your work again.

  • SEO Performance

To see how your website looks on Google results, go for the search analytics option. This helps to analyze the type of traffic coming to your website. As already explained, it allows you to see where your traffic comes from, what are they searching for, how does it change overtime etc.

The click-through rate can be seen here. When you know which keywords are giving your traffic, you can easily cash that. Tailor-make your content so that you can make a profit.

  • Mobile Compatibility

In 2015, Google made the debut of its mobile-friendly update. This meant that other mobile-optimized websites would get a boost in their ranking. This made almost all the websites turn to optimized versions for mobile devices.

The Mobile Usability Report allows you to check how compatible your website is with mobiles. If there are any issues, the tool will immediately let you know. Once you know what and where the issue is, you can easily go ahead and resolve it.

  • Get Information about Crawl Errors

Websites are ranked on Google when they meet different parameters. For checking whether they pertain to certain parameters or not, Google has crawler bots. These go around the internet and get information about the websites and collect them and help in ranking them against each other.

It makes an index and algorithm from this information. When a user types in a query, Google brings up the best match for it. You can go to Crawl Errors to see where the crawlers are facing problems in getting information. This allows you to work on these aspects.

If you are interested to know about Google Search Console and want to utilize it, you can always contact Lucid Media. We will sit down, discuss with you and provide you with a customized plan for your business. We have all the best, reliable and affordable solutions any business can look for!


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