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Elevating Digital Excellence

Discover Lucid Media’s Web Hosting and SiteCare Services, where we offer seamless, secure, and high-performing website experiences and the convenience of regular monthly updates. Our services are tailored to meet the fast-paced demands of the digital landscape, ensuring your website not only operates efficiently but also consistently stands out with exceptional performance. We specialise in catering to small to medium-sized businesses, delivering web solutions that drive Kiwi businesses forward. With Lucid Media, your website will always make a memorable first impression, thanks to our commitment to professionalism and modern design.

Partnering with Lucid Media is a commitment to ongoing digital excellence beyond technical support. Our team is dedicated to crafting and maintaining aesthetically appealing and functionally robust websites with seamless navigation and an enhanced user experience. What sets us apart is our monthly update service – our customer support team will handle all your website updates and changes, ensuring your site remains fresh, current, and evolving without any manual effort on your part. By choosing Lucid Media, you’re opting for a comprehensive web hosting and site care solution that aligns perfectly with the ethos and quality of your brand, keeping you ahead in the digital world.

We’ve got you covered

We are committed to providing reliable, secure, and performance-optimized web hosting and site care services that cater to small to medium-sized businesses’ unique needs. As experts in Web Hosting and Site Care based in Auckland, we are focused on empowering Kiwi businesses with superior online solutions. Your website, a critical pillar of your online presence, often forms the first impression for potential customers. Ensuring that it is professional and modern and an authentic reflection of your brand is paramount.

Web Hosting

When it comes to a solid online presence, reliable web hosting is a must. At Lucid Media, we offer high-quality web hosting services, ensuring your website is accessible and loads quickly for every visitor. Our robust servers guarantee maximum uptime, keeping your digital storefront open and running smoothly 24/7.

Domain Registration

Your domain name is your unique address on the internet. We provide domain registration services that not only help you secure the perfect domain for your business but also manage it for you. This includes ensuring that your domain is renewed before it expires, so you never have to worry about losing your online identity.

Email Hosting

Professional email addresses that match your domain not only reinforce your brand but also add a level of trust and professionalism to your business communications. We offer secure, scalable, and hassle-free email hosting services that ensure smooth email operations, letting you focus on your core business.

Cloud Services

Embrace the power and flexibility of the cloud. Whether you need cloud storage, computing power, or database services, we provide tailored solutions on leading cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Our cloud services ensure your business has the resources it needs to scale and succeed.

Server Maintenance

Servers require regular updates and maintenance to perform optimally. Our team takes this off your plate with proactive server maintenance services. From installing updates to monitoring performance and troubleshooting, we ensure your server remains secure, updated, and functioning at its best.

Technical Support

When you encounter a technical issue, you need prompt and reliable support. Our technical support team is always ready to assist you, providing solutions to any challenges you may face with your website, email, hosting, or other IT services. Our goal is to ensure that your digital operations run smoothly with minimal disruption.

Premier Hosting Partners


Cloudways: Streamlined Cloud Hosting

At Lucid Media, we utilise Cloudways for our server hosting needs, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability. Cloudways offers a robust, scalable hosting solution, allowing us to manage and deploy high-performing websites effortlessly. Their platform is known for its speed and flexibility, providing our clients with a seamless hosting experience that supports a wide range of web applications.

Rackspace: Dependable and Secure Hosting

Email communication is a critical component of business operations. We partner with Rackspace to provide dependable email hosting services. Known for their robust infrastructure and excellent uptime, Rackspace ensures that your business communication is seamless, secure, and always online. Their service offers both reliability and peace of mind for all your email hosting needs.


GoDaddy: Domain and Site Management

As Pro GoDaddy users, we manage domains and site hosting with precision and ease, thanks to GoDaddy’s comprehensive tools. Their platform enables efficient domain management, ensuring that the foundational aspects of your website – such as domain registration and renewals – are handled smoothly. GoDaddy’s site management tools further allow us to maintain optimal site performance, keeping everything running smoothly and securely.

Cloudflare: CDN, DDoS Protection, and Security

Security and speed are paramount in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we integrate Cloudflare’s services into our web solutions. Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) significantly improves website loading times globally, while their advanced DDoS protection and security features guard against online threats, ensuring your website remains secure and accessible at all times.


Web Hosting & SiteCare Process

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Seamless Migration & Setup

  • Initial Assessment: We begin with a thorough evaluation of your existing website to understand its structure, content, and functionality. This step is crucial for ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Migration Planning: Our team meticulously plans the migration process, considering factors like data integrity, minimal downtime, and SEO preservation.
  • Effortless Migration: We execute the migration to our hosting environment with precision, ensuring all elements of your website are transferred securely and efficiently. Our process is designed to minimize any disruption to your website’s availability or performance.

Comprehensive SiteCare & Optimisation

  • Regular Maintenance: Once your website is hosted with us, we conduct ongoing maintenance. This includes software updates, security checks, and performance monitoring, ensuring your website operates at its peak.
  • Monthly Optimisations: As part of our SiteCare package, we allocate a monthly allowance for website changes. Whether it’s updating content, tweaking the design, or enhancing functionality, we continuously work to keep your site fresh and aligned with your business goals.
  • Proactive Optimisation: Our team proactively looks for ways to improve your website’s performance, from speeding up load times to enhancing user experience.
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Dedicated Support & Continuous Improvement

  • Prompt Support: We provide ongoing support, addressing any issues or queries you may have about your website. Our team is always ready to assist, ensuring your uninterrupted digital presence.
  • Performance Monitoring: We continuously monitor your website’s performance metrics, proactively identifying and addressing potential issues.
  • Client Collaboration: We believe in working closely with our clients. Regular check-ins and updates ensure that your website meets and exceeds your expectations, adapting as your business grows and evolves.

Our Clients Say

At Lucid Media, we measure our success by our client’s success. We take immense pride in the trust and confidence our clients place in us. These testimonials are a testament to our dedication, professionalism, and the strong relationships we build.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly does your web hosting service include?
    Our web hosting service provides the necessary technologies and services for your website to be viewed on the Internet. This includes server space for storing your site’s data, bandwidth to handle traffic, and maintenance to ensure smooth and secure operation.
    SiteCare is our commitment to maintaining the performance, security, and uptime of your website. This involves regular updates, backups, security monitoring, performance optimization, and troubleshooting issues that might arise, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about your website’s technical aspects.
    How often do you perform backups of my website?
    We understand how critical your site’s data is, so we perform daily backups as part of our SiteCare service. This means that in the unlikely event of data loss or a site problem, we can restore your website to a previous state quickly and efficiently.
    Can I upgrade or downgrade my hosting package anytime?
    Absolutely! We offer flexible hosting packages designed to scale with your business. If you find you need more or less space, or your traffic levels change, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting package.
    What kind of customer support do you offer?
    We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our team is available during business hours to answer any questions and address any issues you might have. We also offer technical support to resolve any issues related to your website, email, hosting, or other IT services.