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We guarantee 99.99% uptime for secure, hassle-free site management in Rotorua​

At Lucid Media, we understand that maintaining your website is crucial for your business’s success. Our SiteCare and hosting services in Rotorua provide comprehensive support, ensuring your site remains secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best. With our expert team handling the technical details, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

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Are you suffering from any of the following?

Low site performance

If your website loads slowly or frequently goes down, it’s time to consider our SiteCare & Hosting packages in Rotorua. We provide high-speed web hosting and continuous monitoring to ensure your site performs optimally, keeping your visitors engaged and satisfied.

Security vulnerabilities

Security threats can compromise your website and put your business at risk. Our comprehensive SiteCare packages in Rotorua include SSL certificates and regular security updates to protect your site from potential threats, ensuring safe and secure operations.

Outdated functionality

Struggling to keep your website content and features up-to-date? With our SiteCare & Hosting packages in Rotorua, we offer dedicated hours each month for updates and improvements. Depending on your plan, you get 1, 2, or 5 hours of expert support to keep your site fresh and functional.

Are you tired of unexpected charges and subpar service?

Platform Updates

Other Agencies: “Updating your website will cost $180+GST.” Lucid Media: Platform updates are included in your package.

Site Backups

Other Agencies: “Regular backups will be $78+GST.” Lucid Media: Backups are part of our standard service.

Small Changes

Other Agencies: “Updating contact details and images will be $220+GST.” Lucid Media: Small changes are included in our service at no extra cost.

If you’ve ever received invoices like these, you know how frustrating it can be. At Lucid Media, we ensure you never have to deal with that again. Here’s what our clients experience:


Flexible pricing for your needs

Starter Package



per month

Perfect for small businesses and startups looking for reliable hosting and basic maintenance.
Standard Package



per month

Ideal for growing businesses that need additional support and more frequent updates.
Premium Package



per month

Best for established businesses that require extensive support, regular updates, and top-tier performance.
Our Approach

SiteCare & Hosting tailored for your business needs in Rotorua​

A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t cut it, especially when it comes to SiteCare & Hosting. Your business in Rotorua is unique, with its own goals, challenges, and audience. That’s why we offer SiteCare & Hosting services tailored specifically to the ins and outs of your business, ensuring your website is always secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best. We make sure that every visitor’s experience is seamless and your site remains an effective tool for your business.


Comprehensive Site Assessment

We begin with a thorough assessment of your website to identify performance issues, security vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement. Many agencies overlook these critical steps, but at Lucid Media, we ensure your site is evaluated from all angles to create a solid foundation for optimal performance.


Proactive Management and Updates

Unlike other agencies that provide sporadic support, we maintain a proactive approach to website management. Our team performs regular updates and security patches to keep your site secure and up-to-date. With dedicated hours each month, we ensure your site evolves with your business needs, preventing outdated content and functionality.


Dedicated Support & Continuous Monitoring

Many hosting services lack the efficiency of providing timely support. At Lucid Media, we offer continuous monitoring and dedicated support to address any issues as they arise. Whether you need minor tweaks or significant updates, our team is always ready to assist, ensuring your website remains reliable and effective.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

What services are included in your SiteCare packages?

Our SiteCare packages in Rotorua include regular website backups, security monitoring, software updates, performance optimisation, and technical support. We ensure your website runs smoothly and remains secure, allowing you to focus on your business.

Do you offer website hosting services in Rotorua?

Yes, we provide reliable website hosting services in Rotorua. Our hosting packages feature high uptime guarantees, fast loading speeds, regular backups, and 24/7 technical support to ensure your website is always accessible and performs optimally.

How often do you perform website backups?

We perform daily backups of your website to ensure that your data is always safe and can be quickly restored in case of any issues. This includes full backups of your website’s files and databases.

Can you help with website security?

Absolutely. Our SiteCare services include comprehensive security measures such as malware scanning, firewall protection, and regular security updates to protect your website from threats and vulnerabilities. We also offer assistance in recovering from any security breaches.

What is the cost of your SiteCare and hosting services?

The cost of our SiteCare and hosting services varies based on the specific needs and size of your website. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a customised quote after discussing your requirements. Contact us for a free consultation to get an accurate estimate for your SiteCare and hosting needs.

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