Windsor Industries

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Lucid Launch + eCommerce

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About the Project

Windsor Industries, a leading provider of industrial products, approached us with a need to revamp their website and improve their online presence. They faced challenges with their existing agency, needing more attention and slow response times, which hindered their ability to showcase their products and brand values effectively.

About the Project Our main objective was to design a new website that would:

  • Enhance the e-commerce experience, making it user-friendly and informative
  • Showcase Windsor Industries’ product range in a clear and organised manner
  • Highlight the company’s values, brand, and unique selling points
  • Improve search engine rankings to increase visibility and traffic
  • Provide a seamless user experience for both retail and wholesale customers

We worked closely with the Windsor Industries team to understand their specific requirements, target audience, and business goals to create a website that effectively met their needs.

The Problem

Before partnering with us, Windsor Industries faced several challenges:


Lack of attention and support from their previous agency, leading to delayed responses and unmet needs


Suboptimal e-commerce functionality, hindering the user experience and product discoverability


Inadequate representation of their brand values and unique selling points on the website


Limited search engine visibility, resulting in lower traffic and missed opportunities

These issues prevented Windsor Industries from effectively showcasing its products, engaging with customers, and standing out in a competitive market.


To address Windsor Industries’ challenges, we:
  • Developed a user-friendly and intuitive e-commerce platform with advanced search and filtering options
  • Organised and categorised their extensive product range for easy navigation and discoverability
  • Created dedicated pages to highlight the company’s values, brand story, and unique selling points
  • Implemented search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to improve rankings and drive organic traffic
  • Designed a flexible pricing display system to accommodate both retail and wholesale customers
The new website is a powerful tool for Windsor Industries to showcase their products, engage with customers, and differentiate themselves in the market.

Project Highlights

E-commerce Optimisation

Developed a user-friendly e-commerce platform with advanced search and filtering options, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

Product Organisation

Categorised and organised Windsor Industries’ extensive product range, making it easy for users to find and explore relevant products.

Brand Storytelling

Created dedicated pages to showcase the company’s values, brand story, and unique selling points, helping them stand out from competitors.

SEO Strategies

Implemented effective SEO strategies to improve the website’s search engine rankings, driving increased organic traffic and visibility.

Flexible Pricing Display

Designed a system to display prices only to verified wholesale accounts while hiding prices from regular visitors, accommodating different customer types.


Since launching their new website, Windsor Industries has achieved significant results:

  • Positive user feedback from existing customers, praising the improved user experience and product discoverability
  • Increased website traffic and higher search engine rankings, leading to greater visibility and potential for new customers
  • Enhanced brand perception and differentiation, with the website effectively communicating their values and unique selling points
  • Streamlined e-commerce experience for both retail and wholesale customers, facilitating increased sales and customer satisfaction

By partnering with us, Windsor Industries has established a strong online presence that effectively showcases their products, engages customers, and supports their business growth.

Jason has been awesome to work with over the last few months. Whenever we've had any sort of issue with our website, he is extremely prompt in resolving it. Very professional and helpful, I highly recommend.

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