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How To Be Successful Online in NZ!

You’ve determined that a new website is in order. Great! Let’s chat about it! When developing a website development plan, there is more to consider than design. Getting your website right behind the scenes is critical, and many low-cost (or free) tools are available to help you take your website and your company to the next level. A website that runs like a well-oiled machine requires much more than beautiful design and razor-sharp material. It would be best if you had intelligent data, practical insights, and straightforward customer service tools to make wise judgments and provide a great user experience for your consumers.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is our preferred platform, and the options for plugins (those extras) are limitless. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites, which are inexpensive or provide a free trial period. Look below for website magic that can help you achieve your company objectives.

Our top lead-generating plugins are:

With these plugins, you can create a smooth contact with your clients on your site and grow your databases for further conversations after they leave.


Mailchimp is an marketing automation platform and email marketing service for managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp will let you capture emails and build a audience that you can target using Email Marketing campaigns! It is super easy to use and scale without too much hassle.

Messenger on Facebook

A conversation tool that uses Meta’s (formerly Facebook’s) robust consumer data network. Gain untapped insights into your customers’ habits and interests, and establish a subscriber base through messenger (similar to your email database) that you can use to contact your consumers regularly. You may also set up auto-replies to assist manage client expectations, so you don’t have to be present 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Creating an email database is critical to the growth of your organisation. While everyone’s attention is on social media, your email database is everything. It’s a free communication tool, and most importantly, the data belongs to you and is not subject to the whims of constantly fluctuating algorithms.

OptinMonster is one of the most effective conversion tools for growing your email list. If you sell products, it may help you minimise abandoned carts and improve conversion rates by utilising its retargeting feature to deliver special offers to returning customers or develop targeted campaigns for new users.

Creating a sign-up form is straightforward with a simple drag-and-drop tool and a variety of styles to select from.

Our best recommendations for making data-driven, wise choices.

With these powerful, user-friendly tools, you may get important information about your consumers and their behaviour on our website.

Analytics by Google

Google Analytics provides detailed information on your customers’ habits, behaviour, and interactions with your website, all in one easy-to-read dashboard. The dashboard assists you in making product and price choices and identifying new prospects. The more you understand your customers’ behaviour, the better you can offer outcomes and make evidence-based choices.

The dashboard also connects with Google AdWords, allowing you to optimise your ad campaigns based on real-time data and insights from your ideal consumer, and it’s available for free to anybody with a Google account. Woohoo!

WP Rocket

WP-Rocket is a premium product that allows you to set and forget’ improving your SEO performance behind the scenes by ‘page caching’ – preloading all of your website’s information so that it doesn’t have to be downloaded by the server over and over – giving your website an instant speed boost and instantly improving your search ranking.

Image Optimiser for ShortPixels

ShortPixel offers free image optimisation for 100 photos every month. One of the advantages of ShortPixel is that it saves the original copy of the picture, making it simple to restore if necessary. It also supports CMYK to RGB conversion and photo scaling for most image files.

These are our recommendations to get you started with plugins. However, WordPress has hundreds more plugin possibilities. What works best for you is determined by your business requirements – are you a service or product company? Is your website more focused on images or content? Contact us if you want to take your company to the next level and want to discuss your next website move.

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