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Elevating TSB Living's digital visibility. Dive into our SEO journey with New Zealand's local furniture store.
TSB Living
Unleashing SEO and CRO potential, we drove TSB Living's rankings upward, cementing their place as a leading online importer

Project Challenge

Our objective

TSB Living, a renowned direct importer of an expansive range of products, including furniture, bedding, outdoor supplies, and more, caters to both public and wholesale buyers. Operating seven days a week, their extensive catalogue required a robust digital presence to match.

TSB Living faced the challenge of low visibility in organic search results due to competitive keywords in their industry. They needed to improve their SEO ranking for numerous keywords related to their vast product categories. Additionally, they needed to enhance their conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to turn their website visitors into customers more effectively.

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TSB Living Website Screenshot

Our approach

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At Lucid Media, we devised a multi-faceted SEO strategy tailored to TSB Living’s unique requirements. Our approach involved thorough keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, and content optimization. Simultaneously, we conducted a comprehensive website audit for CRO to identify and rectify issues hindering conversions.

Our team worked closely with TSB Living, ensuring their website was fully optimized for relevant, high-volume keywords across their various product categories. We tackled technical SEO issues, enhanced the website’s meta-data, and improved content relevance and quality.

In parallel, we examined the site’s user journey, identifying roadblocks and optimizing key elements, including calls to action, site navigation, product pages, and checkout processes, to increase conversions.

Our strategies


1. Backlink Strategy: We initiated a robust backlink campaign targeting high-authority websites within the furniture and home decor niche. We aimed to boost TSB Living’s domain authority by securing quality backlinks and improving its search engine rankings.

2. Guest Posting: We collaborated with bloggers and industry experts to further enhance TSB Living’s online authority. We generated valuable backlinks by crafting and publishing guest posts on reputable platforms and positioned TSB Living as a thought leader in the furniture domain.

3. Organic Content Creation: Understanding the power of quality content, we developed a content calendar tailored to TSB Living’s audience. This included:

  • Product spotlights showcasing the unique selling points of their offerings.
  • How-to guides and tips for furniture maintenance and decor.
  • Trend analysis, highlighting the latest in furniture design and innovation.

4. Blog Posts: A dedicated blog section was introduced on TSB Living’s website. Regular posts, optimised for SEO, delved into topics relevant to their audience, from furniture buying guides to the latest decor trends. This drove organic traffic and established TSB Living as an authoritative voice in the industry.

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The outcome


Through our strategic and holistic approach, we successfully elevated TSB Living’s SEO ranking across the board for multiple keywords. This resulted in improved online visibility, increased organic traffic, and higher conversions.

Goal Conversion Overview: We have improved the Organic Conversion by 30.38%

We have improved organic traffic on the website.

We have improved new visitors to the website.

We have fixed all possible on-page issues.

We have achieved 15 keywords ranking on Google’s 1st & 3 keywords ranking on Google’s 2nd page.

Our holistic SEO approach yielded tangible results:

  • A significant uptick in organic traffic, with a higher percentage of visitors converting into customers.
  • Improved search engine rankings for targeted keywords, ensuring TSB Living appeared on the first page for several key product categories.
  • Enhanced brand recognition and authority in the furniture market.
#KeywordInitial RankingsJuly 2023
June 2023
1Dressing tables online711
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3Buy mattress nz3337
4Bed frames nz3755
5Buy king mattress456
6Single mattress nz1966
7Outdoor furniture online1876
8Queen size mattress5277
9Queen size mattress nz4386
10Double mattress nz1187
11Kids bed nz1588
12Kids playhouse nz1087
13Artificial grass nz591016
14Buy mattress onlineNot in Search1112
15Office chairs nz sale581314
16Garden furniture online401410
17Artificial grass auckland611515
18Office chairs nz811513
19Dressing table with led lights332126



Through a combination of strategic backlinking, guest posting, and quality content creation, Lucid Media successfully elevated TSB Living’s online presence. Our efforts ensured that TSB Living not only reached potential customers effectively but also established a strong foothold in the digital landscape of the furniture industry.

Client Review

Jason has been awesome in the work he has done for us – he is fast, very responsive and professional. Lucid Media have surpassed all our expectations – would highly recommend them. Thanks!
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