The Best SEO In Wellington

You may have top-notch products, great service that makes your customers say WOW and the best team, but if you can’t see or find it, your business is hiding in plainsight! Learn how we provide the best SEO services in Wellington!

We’ve Got You Covered

Let our SEO team do the hardwork and make your life easy!

On Page

Let us take care of optimizing your title tags, meta descriptions, writing in-depth, quality content & cleaning up your site’s code!

Off Page

Off page SEO heavily impacts your ranking and domain authority. However, with the correct strategys and white hat SEO tactics we can fix that!


Technical SEO can be difficult! However, we’ll show you exactly what we do to take your C grade ranking website to an exceptional A!

Effective SEO in Wellington

Search engine optimisation may sound like a giant magic show but in simple terms it’s a giant puzzle. Through a variety of SEO assets, we help you optimise your website through on-page, off-page and technical optimisations. This helps increase your ranking and make your site more relevant. It also makes your business valuable to potential visitorsn in Wellington. Google also displays the websites that are most relevant and reliable to your keyword search results. Let Lucid Media do the tedious work for you. Then I will tell you the result.


Is SEO dead?
For years, SEO has been said to be dead. Today, SEO is more relevant than ever, and is expected to become even more relevant with the advent of voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. SEO has grown rapidly over the years and new algorithms are constantly being introduced to improve the experience of search engines like Google, but SEO is very well established and the business is sophisticated. It is an essential and important component to achieve good growth.
How much time will it take to achieve the SEO results?

We promise to give an improvement in your business with assurance through our best SEO tactics. We focus to work smartly and achieve high competition with others. Share your business objectives and requirements with us and we’ll get back to you with the right time frame and reasonable cost.  

How can you increase my website's traffic and leads?

We work closely with every customer to understand their objectives and business modal. By studying your business, we plan and implement digital marketing strategies relevant to your business. Hence, providing you with the results you deserve!

Where is your team based?

Our primary operations team is in Auckland, New Zealand, but we have team members working from different parts of the world! We have talented individuals working together to ensure we provide you with exceptional services!

What support do you provide?

Our clients all enjoy the peace of mind of having monthly maintenance, support and hosting all served by us. Therefore, giving them more time to focus on their business instead of the technical aspects of their website.