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6 Simple Graphic Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images

In today’s world, we all need to connect with our audience, clients, followers, and friends through social media. Social media has become a virtual platform that is surrounded and highly bombarded with information and knowledge. The fact tells us that 90% of the information that comes our way is virtual. In that case, designers, marketers, graphic creators, and social media managers have recognized the importance of social media images, graphic designing, and content creation.

Therefore, we have enlisted the top 6 simple but very comprehensive graphic design tips that will help you enhance your social media images to attract the readers’ attention.

  1. Colorful Visuals

The foremost thing that you should focus on is the colour description and visual representation through adding strong, light, dark, and decent colours to the social media images that you want to create for your web page, website, or any other platform.

The colours represent the basic theme of the web page. They have the potential to display emotions, convey messages, evoke personal experiences, and create a suitable atmosphere for the reader. The alignment of colours is essential in portraying ideas and personality. In contrast, all the colourful or eye-catching colours are considered insightful, and it’s always fun to play with colours, especially for graphic designers.

  • Typography

For graphic designers, it’s vital that they should study the scheme and fonts that they want to use in their content. Typography is an entire field of creativity that ensures smooth readability and can bring your web page back to life. It is a good option to choose a variation in fonts, styles, lines, design, and typefaces.

There are a few other tips that all the social media images should use and implement that include the use of the traditional font along with limiting your design to almost three typefaces and always use the font that suits well and deliver the same message that you want your font style should do.

  • Focus on your Goal, Platform, & Audience

To design the social media images and enhance the performance and design it is important to know well about the page or the website for which you want to design the image or content. Plus, you should be quite clear about the goal of the idea and concept behind the image creation, besides, you should also focus on the relevant platform that you are using along with the audience that should be your major point of attention. No matter if you are using:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapshot or any other social media app, should gear up the attention of the reader and these social media images should be great for new ideas, inspiration, engagement, and networking.
  • Consistency & Contrast

Another most important tip is to handle consistency and flow of the content that you want to show and write evenly, plus, you should focus on the connection that you want to develop between the audience and the message you want to deliver.

Bring versatility and diversity in your design and style, but do not forget to create consistency. Moreover, a good contrast can catch the eye of the reader thus, they can be implemented if different fonts, styles, alignments, colours, and sizes are applied.

  • Photos, Videos, & Animations

If you want to get creative with your work and ideas you should make use of engaging quotes, mesmerizing photos, theme-based videos, and visual animations with the help of eye-catching illustrations and graphics. Plus, you should also implement different data visualization techniques to make the social media images more interactive that will certainly give a sneak peek into the story.

  • Call-to-action

Branding is another essential tip for graphic designers that they can use to enhance social media images in a better way. If you want to add more value to your images or web pages, first of all, you need to catch the attention of the audience and then marketers should also focus on the call-to-action through which they can activate their audience by receiving feedback and comments from them.

However, to know more about the techniques and measures that can help you to create more engaging images and content, you can get connected with a digital agency like lucidmedia.

Wrapping Up

Enhancing a social media image or page is not a difficult task, but it requires focus, time, delivering an overall message in the right way, and a thorough understanding of your goals. So, build and create colourful and impactful images with these essential tools and tips.






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